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Albert F. Sprock Memorial Trophy for Seamanship

A member of VYC for 33 years, Al has been described by all who knew him as a yachtsman of superior seamanship; which, by definition, is the art or skill of maintaining, handling, working, or navigating a ship.  While achievement in yachting is more and more equated with success on the race course, for the many thousands who go to sea purely for the pleasure of being "out there," each obtains a personal sense of accomplishment or satisfaction from an ambitious cruise successfully completed, a tricky bit of piloting well executed, a problem overcome, or severe weather survived.

In an effort to acknowledge these and other such accomplishments, the Albert F. Sprock Memorial Trophy for Seamanship may be annually awarded by the Fleet Captain to one of VYC's members in recognition of acts or services that either directly or indirectly have the effect of promoting or advancing the sport of yachting and which may include: (a) outstanding examples of seamanship or sportsmanship, (b) note¬worthy yachting ability while representing VYC in the competitive sphere, (c) administrative services to the sport on either a local or national basis, (d) the design or building of boats, (e) demonstrated proficiency in handling more than one class of boat, (f) assistance rendered those in peril or distress, (g) similar achievement that shall serve to encourage or promote safety and/or active participation in the sport of yachting in its broadest configuration.

Previous Recipients

2003   Tony and Sylvia DiVenere
2004   David and Jane Groh
2005   William and Rita Summers
2006   Jim and Jola Karpinski
2008   William "Kip" and Marcy Schmidt
2010   Charles E. and Cathy Zumkehr
2012   Don and Kerry Albanese
2014   John W. and Linda Robertson

Albert F. Sprock Trophy

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