Fuel Dock

The Vermilion Yacht Club's fuel dock is the first stop for fuel on the Vermilion River.  If you are staying with us, or just passing through, stop by and fuel your vessel.  Our easily accessible fuel dock has marine grade diesel, gasoline, and waste tank pump out.  Our prices are very competitive.

If you are heading upriver from Lake Erie, turn east into the second lagoon (just south of the VYC clubhouse) and the fuel dock is 150 feet on your port.  As you enter the lagoon, favor the port side of the channel to avoid shoaling at the entrance of the lagoon (starboard side ).  Depth from the river to the fuel dock is typically 6 to 8 feet and the bottom is soft mud.  If you have concerns about depth, please contact our club manager on VHF Channel 68.   The VYC fuel dock can accommodate large vessels (up to 70 feet in length).

VYC has the cleanest, sweetest tasting fuel on the south shore of Lake Erie.  VYC's special blend is formulated to make our boats go faster at a lower cost.  Even our sailboats find more wind with this fuel aboard.

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