2022 VYC Bridge

  • Andrew Thaler, Commodore

  • Amy Backus, Vice Commodore

  • Tom McDonald, Rear Commodore

  • Dick Andrews, Fleet Captain

On Memorial Day the Vermilion Yacht Club conducts a traditional ceremony which has taken place since our founding.   At 12:30 PM VYC members, lagoon residents, the VYC Bridge, and all available Past Commodores, in full dress uniform,  assemble on the front lawn.  The ceremony consists of the Commodore welcome, flag raising and National Anthem, blessing of the fleet, presentation of officer flags, and the honoring of our fallen servicemen.

During the ceremony patriotic music is performed by the Vermilion High School Marching Band and Police Chief Kisch plays the bagpipes .  Immediately following the ceremony, the club hosts a Hot Dog luncheon for up to 400 attendees.  Finally, the VYC Captains decorate and prepare their ships for the Fleet Parade which proceeds out to Lake Erie, back to the club for a Commodore salute, and then up the river before returning to the Anchorage.

A Commodore's Memorial Day Address

On this pleasant afternoon, we are gathered here with friends and family for much more than boating and yacht club activities.

Today, Memorial Day, we honor the lives of fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coastguardsmen – our fathers, our mothers, brothers, sisters, children, and friends – valuable lives not lost in vain.  Each life lost contributed to the nation we are; a free nation, a strong nation.  As we mourn the lives lost, we must celebrate the lives lived, and be grateful.

I am honored to be here today to remember those who died defending us, those who stood between liberty and tyranny on behalf of us.

Today we remember the faces of loved ones forever young, the voices of loved ones forever silent.

We remember the depth of their sacrifice.

We remember the courageous men and women who died so that we might live in this land of liberty and plenty.

We remember the sacrifice of those lost and their legacy of duty, courage, and decency.

We remember, because if we do not remember, we risk forgetting that freedom is not free and eternal vigilance is the price demanded for our freedom.

Thank You and God Bless America

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